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Moon Knight: Midnight Sun (Marvel Comics, 2006; #7-13, Annual #1)

I thought Huston’s first arc, “The Bottom,” was brutal.  “Midnight Sun” takes it further.

  • It’s one thing to see Marc broken and physically at his worst, but he’s a pretty terrible person in this arc.
  • Its main plot involves a series of brutal murders with elaborately staged crime scenes involving clock faces and posed bodies.
  • Also, Steve and Tony are bickering again, but no one wants Moon Knight on their kickball team.
  • That’s okay, because Moon Knight doesn’t want to be on anybody’s kickball team…until he learns neither wants him; then he definitely wants to be on their kickball teams.
  • This version of Moon Knight makes the Punisher look collected and well-adjusted by comparison.
  • This arc has some gross, gruesome art; it’s hard to look at…but in a way that requires serious talent.

I like Moon Knight a lot, generally.  There’s no lack of quality or talent behind “Midnight Sun,” but it was a tough read for me.  It leans heavily into Marc’s immaturity and toxicity toward those close to him, and it makes him hard to like.  But that’s the point, I think.

Collected in

  • Moon Knight, Vol. 2: Midnight Sun (#7-13, Annual #1)


Writers: Charlie Huston, Duane Swierczynski | Pencillers: David Finch, Mico Suayan, Tomm Coker, Jefte Palo | Inkers: Danny Miki and Crimelab Studios| Colorists: Frank D’Armata with Dean White, Shannon Blanchard | 3-D Models: Don Cameron| Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna | Covers: David Finch, Mico Suayan, Esad Ribic, Tom Coker, Dave Wilkins | Assistant Editor: Daniel Ketchum | Editor: Axel Alonso

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