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Roche Limit: Anomalous (Image Comics, 2014; #1-5)

It’s time for a mystery!  IN SPACE!

When her sister goes missing, a cop heads to the space station where she lived to investigate.  She bumps into a drug-manufacturing former-scientist who has irritated most of the underworld.  Together, they search for information about Bekkah’s disappearance.

Oh, and there’s some sort of zombie plague affecting the people of the Roche Limit colony.  It might have something to do with the anomalous hole is space that they orbit.  Maybe.

Michael Moreci wraps his story’s mysteries and space oddities in a debate about free will and predestination, truth and lies, and religion and the knowable.  It can—especially on a first read*—be a little confusing.  But if you stick with it, everything does come together, and these questions lead to interesting ideas as everything unravels.

Malhotra and company’s art is a good fit for the street-level, cop drama vibe of Roche Limit.  It’s not the art you might expect in a high-concept sci-fi book.  Instead it’s rough and dingy, the sort of thing you’d see in noir story.  It feels right at home in the seedy underbelly of the Roche Limit colony, though.

If you like science fiction and/or mystery books, you may enjoy Roche Limit.  Its mystery beats are intentional; but if you are familiar with these kinds of stories, you will likely be able to see where much of this arc is going.  Still, it’s well-written and has some borderline eldritch elements that seem likely to develop over the book’s two remaining arcs.

*Yes, I read this a while back, when it first came out; but I needed a refresher before jumping into Vol. 2.

Collected in

  • Roche Limit, Vol. 1: Anomalous (#1-5)


Writer: Michael Moreci | Artist: Vic Malhotra, with Kyle Charles (3) and Ben Holliday (5) | Colorists: Justin Boyd (1-3, 5), Lauren Affe (4), with Marissa Louise (5) | Letterers: Ryan Ferrier (1-3, 5), Jim Campbell (4) | Designer : Tim Daniel

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