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Deadman: Volume 1, Continued (DC Comics, 2011; Strange Adventures #210-213)

As Deadman’s 50th anniversary passes with too little fanfare, let’s check back in on his Strange Adventures.

  • Deadman is still on the trail of his killer.
  • His search takes him south of the border to Mexico…where these issues show their age in the ways cringey characters talk and talk about Mexican characters.
  • This is also where we meet Boston’s brother and niece.
  • Then we’re back to the circus where things get pretty weird.
  • Neal Adams’s art remains excellent.

There’s not a whole lot to say about these issues that I didn’t mention when I covered the first half of this trade.  If you enjoy Deadman and don’t mind older comics, you’ll probably enjoy this.  There's definitely some language in this arc that would never have made print for being racist today, though; just be aware of that going in.

Collected in

  • Deadman, Vol. 1 (Strange Adventures #205-213)


Writers: Jack Miller (210-211), Neal Adams (212-213) | Artist: Neal Adams | Covers: Neal Adams

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