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Chew: “The Last Suppers” and “Sour Grapes” (Image Comics, 2009; #41-50)

Chew ended recently, and I didn’t want to wait any longer to finish reading it.  I went into more detail a while back about what I like about the series as a whole.  The real question now is, does it stick the landing?

Yes.  Yes, it does.

The last two arcs of Chew see Tony and company working to uncover and address the global conspiracy that has developed over the course of the series:  the avian flu epidemic, the chicken ban, the fiery writing in the sky.  It’s a satisfying and clever conclusion, and John Layman has sewn the seeds from the very beginning.  And for a book that trades in the ridiculous, there is a tremendous amount of character evolution from the series’s beginning to its end.

Without Rob Guillory’s art, Chew would be a completely different book.  And it would be less for that.  Guillory packs so much detail—whether it is a humorous poster in the background, a sight gag on someone’s bedroom floor, a panel crammed full of insane monsters, or anything in between—into this book.  And his designs for the book's many fantastical, sci-fi, or otherwise trippy elements remain fresh and creative through the last page.

Chew is one of my favorite comics.  You should read it.  

Collected in

  • Chew, Vol. 11: The Last Suppers (#51-55, Chew/Revival)
  • Chew, Vol. 12: Sour Grapes (#56-60, Demon Chicken Poyo)
  • Chew: Omnivore Edition, Vol. 6 (#51-60, Chew/Revival, Demon Chicken Poyo)
  • Chew: Smorgasbord Edition, Vol. 3 (#41-60, Warrior Chicken Poyo, Chew/Revival, Demon Chicken Poyo)


Writer: John Layman | Artist: Rob Guillory | Colorist: Rob Guillory | Color Assists: Taylor Wells | Letterer: John Layman

Godkiller: “Walk Among Us, Vol. 1” (Black Mask Studios, 2015; #1-3)

Runaways: “The Good Die Young” (Marvel Comics, 2013; #13-18)