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Runaways: “The Good Die Young” (Marvel Comics, 2013; #13-18)

This is it, folks: the end of the first volume of Runaways.

Even though the next volume continues Brian K. Vaughan’s tenure as writer, “The Good Die Young” answers all the questions Runaways has asked so far. Those answers are satisfying. The most interesting beats in this chapter’s conclusion arise from realizations that the book’s heretofore black-and-white morality is more complicated than it first seemed. There’s even a good, old-fashioned villain monologue that feels earned.

While the shifting art team has not been a problem so far, this arc benefits from having a consistent combination of penciller, inker, and colorist as its various threads come together. Alphona, Yeung, and Strain’s work has been excellent so far, and it continues to be here.

If you’ve been along for the Runaways ride so far, there’s no reason to get off before “The Good Die Young”. If you’ve been waiting to see if it sticks the landing, the answer is yes. As for where it goes next, Vaughan has left himself room to do pretty much anything he wants, so tune in again in about a month to see where that is. In the meantime, if you haven’t, read the first volume of Runaways.

Collected in

  • Runaways, Vol. 3: The Good Die Young (#13-18)
  • Runaways: The Complete Collection Volume 1 (#1-18)


Writer: Brian K. Vaughan | Penciller: Adrian Alphona | Inker: Craig Yeung | Colorist: Christina Strain | Letterer: Randy Gentile | Covers: Jo Chen | Assistant Editors: Stephanie Moore & Mackenzie Cadenhead | Editor: C.B. Cebulski

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