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Godkiller: “Walk Among Us, Vol. 1” (Black Mask Studios, 2015; #1-3)

Well, I have a new standard for weird comics.

A young orphan named Tommy and a sex slave team up to find a new heart for his dying sister.  Matt Pizzolo builds a world that trades in flesh and blood, and Tommy’s a hot commodity because of how clean his blood is.  Everyone wants a taste of him—or more.

The “or more” leads to some incredibly uncomfortable moments, including sexual assault and all-but-explicit rape.  It’s a world of intrinsically interlinked sex and violence, and a lot of that is hard to read and hard to come to terms with.  That discomfort is, without a doubt, intentional.  At the end of the first volume, the lore and rules of this world are still vague, but Pizzolo demonstrates a clear understanding of its rules.

Wieszczyk’s mixed-media art is my favorite thing about Godkiller.  It combines photography, collage, traditional pencils in various stages of completion, and computer-generated graphics.  All the while, it bounces between different visual styles.  An intimate, sketchy, gray-scale scene gets interrupted by red-hued, anime-styled villains.  Characters who fly into a rage become loose sketches of themselves as they lose composure.  The visuals on the page live and breathe with what happens scene-to-scene.  Its art is unlike any other comic I’ve read.

Godkiller is my new standard for weird.  It’s also my new standard for difficult recommendations.  There is a tremendous amount of talent and style in it.  Any hesitation I have comes from how dark and violent it is—especially in terms of sexual violence.  It is hard to stomach.  If you think that will be a problem for you, I’d err on the side of caution.

Collected in

  • Godkiller: Walk Among Us, Vol. 1 (#1-3)


Writer: Matt Pizzolo | Artist: Anna Muckracker Wieszczyk | Cover: Ben Templesmith | Production Artists: Vincent Kukua, Matt Harding | Additional Illustrations: Anna Muckracker Wieszczyk, Ben Templesmith, Tim Seely, Amancay Nahuelpan

Batman: “The Court of Owls” and “The City of Owls” (DC Comics, 2011; #1-12)

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