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Birthright: Belly of the Beast (Image Comics, 2014; #21-25)

Birthright 5.jpeg
  • With Mikey a prisoner, his family is is on his trail.
  • But the barrier between Terrenos and Earth is the thinnest it has ever been, and Lore’s influence has begun to seep through.
  • And after last issue’s tumult, some characters’ allegiances come into question.
  • Williamson continues to craft an urgent, engaging story, and this arc movies it into what might be its darkest territory yet.
  • Bressan and Lucas’s art always wows me; Lucas’s coloring really shines in this arc.

You should definitely check out Birthright if you haven’t already.

Collected in

  • Birthright, Vol. 5: Belly of the Beast (#21-25)


Writer: Joshua Williamson | Artist: Andrei Bressan | Colorist: Adriano Lucas | Letterer: Pat Brosseau | Assistant Editor: Arielle Basich | Editor: Sean Mackiewicz

Doom Patrol: #30-34 (DC Comics, 1987)

X-Force: #121-124 (Marvel Comics, 2013)