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Doom Patrol: #30-34 (DC Comics, 1987)

Doom Patrol 1-3.jpg
  • When the Cult of the Unwritten book seeks out their namesake text to summon the Antigod, the Doom Patrol has to team up with Willoughby Kipling, who might just be the president of the John Constantine fan club.
  • In the first of a pair of out-of-body experiences, Cliff journeys into Crazy Jane’s mind to try to save his teammate.
  • And during some maintenance, Cliff’s body rebels, having gained its own consciousness—but Monsieur Mallah wants to appropriate the rogue body for the Brain.
  • Morrison keeps Doom Patrol clever and weird, in case that was somehow in question.
  • And Case, Nyberg, and Vozzo bring the book’s strange ideas and images to life in creepy, engaging ways.

Collected in

  • Doom Patrol: The Painting that Ate Paris (#26-34)
  • Doom Patrol: Book One (#19-34)
  • Doom Patrol Omnibus (#19-63)


Writer: Grant Morrison | Penciller: Richard Case | Inker: John Nyberg | Colorist: Danny Vozzo | Letterer: John Workman | Editors: Mark Waid (30-32), Art Young (33-34) | Covers: Simon Bisley

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