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Secret Six: Danse Macabre (DC Comics, 2008; #15-18, Suicide Squad #67)

Secret Six 3.jpg
  • Floyd’s feeling the urge to kill, so he calls on the Spectre’s therapist for a session about his relationships with his family and Batman.
  • Then, Black Alice, a teenager with the ability to borrow magic users’ talents, forces her way onto the team.
  • Good news for her: she’s just in time for a battle between the Secret Six and the Suicide Squad.
  • Oh, and did I mention the super-powered zombies? I didn’t?  Oops…that’s right, it’s a Blackest Night tie-in!
  • This isn’t the deepest arc of Secret Six, but Simone and Ostrander build a fun story that makes good use of Blackest Night’s setup that provides some welcome breathing room.
  • Calafiore, Nguyen, Hazelwood, McKenna, and Wright’s art captures the frantic pace of the battle royal that goes throughout this arc; and their Black Lanterns are wonderfully shambling, festering, monsters.

Collected in

  • Secret Six, Vol. 3: Danse Macabre (#15-18, Suicide Squad #67)
  • Secret Six, Vol. 3: Cat’s Cradle (#15-25, Suicide Squad #67)


Writers: Gail Simone, John Ostrander | Pencillers: Jim Calafiore, Peter Nguyen | Inkers: Doug Hazelwood & Mark McKenna (15) | Colorist: Jason Wright | Letterers: Travis Lanham (SuiSquad 67, 15, 17-18), Steve Wands (16) | Covers: Daniel LuVisi | Editor: Sean Ryan

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