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Shutter: All Roads (Image Comics, 2014; #18-22)

  • As the Kristopher family prepares to take on Prospero, Kate and her siblings finally get some answers about their father’s past.
  • These answers do more than just fill in the blanks, though: they paint him as well-intended but flawed—more human than his kids’ idea of him would allow otherwise.
  • Keatinge covers less ground in the present than in previous arcs; much of “All Roads” feels like the quiet before the storm—which makes sense, since it’s also the end of Shutter’s second act.
  • The real stars of this volume are its art team: Del Duca, and Gieni switch between multiple visual styles for the present and different characters’ flashbacks with enough variety that I had to double-check whether there was a second, guest art team at work.

Collected in

  • Shutter, Vol. 4: All Roads (#18-22)


Writer: Joe Keatinge | Artist: Leila Del Duca | Colorist: Owen Gieni | Letterer: John Workman

There’s Nothing There (Black Mask Studios, 2017; #1-5)

Secret Six: Danse Macabre (DC Comics, 2008; #15-18, Suicide Squad #67)