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Gotham by Midnight: Rest in Peace (DC Comics, 2014; #6-12, Annual #1)

Gotham by Midnight 2.jpeg
  • After the big battle at the end of Gotham by Midnight’s first arc, Precinct 13 has to cope with the fallout.
  • For the team, that means burying one of their own, dealing with the Internal Affairs investigation kicking into high gear, and moving forward knowing that Jim Corrigan carries the Spectre inside him.
  • And Corrigan has to come to terms with having nearly killed all of Gotham and whether he can keep his alter ego at bay.
  • Fawkes plays with the idea of acceptance as the primary theme of this arc; it starts out subtly and comes together in a satisfying conclusion.
  • Templesmith is a tough act to follow, but Ferreyra does so with aplomb; his art is gorgeous as always, but eerily (and often grotesquely) so here.
  • The annual is a fun Gentleman Ghost story, with with richly lit, shadowy art from Duce and Laughridge.

If you enjoy creepy comics, you should read Gotham by Gaslight.  I’d love to see DC revisit this series in the future, either in comics or adapted for TV.

Collected in

  • Gotham by Midnight, Vol. 2: Rest in Peace (#6-12, Annual #1)


Writer: Ray Fawkes | Artist: Juan Ferreyra (6-12), Christian Duce & Lee Laughridge (Annual) | Letterer: Saida Temofonte | Covers: Bill Sienkiewicz (6-12), Juan Ferreyra (Annual)

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