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Jessica Jones: Alias: Volume Three (Marvel Comics, 2001; #10, 16-21)

  • When she arrives home to find a woman who she doesn’t recognize in a superhero costume that she doesn’t recognize (aside from looking a lot like Spider-Man’s costume) in her bathroom, Jessica is pretty put off.
  • When her visitor freaks out, leaps through her window, and flies off, Jessica’s her irritation becomes a mystery to solve.
  • The highlight of this arc is an issue that sees Jessica turn the tables on J. Jonah Jameson after he makes her a shady job offer to unmask Spider-Man.
  • Bendis’s third Alias arc is, overall, a solid, interesting story; as with earlier issues in the series, though, there are moments that haven’t aged well—in this case, they mostly involve sexist or homophobic insults being bandied about in ways that wouldn’t happen today.
  • Gaydos’s art continues in its carefully composed, noir style; it is, as always, a great fit for the book’s tone.

Collected in

  • Jessica Jones: Alias, Vol. 3 (#10, 16-21)
  • Alias Omnibus (#1-28, What If Jessica Jones Jones Had Joined the Avengers #1)


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Michael Gaydos, with Mark Bagley, Al Vey, and Dean White) | Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth | Letterers: Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Wes Abbot & Jason Levine, Cory Petit | Covers: David Mack | Editors: Stuart Moore, Joe Quesada, C.B. Cebulski | Associate Managing Editor: Kelly Lamy | Managing Editor: Nanci Dakesian

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