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Revival: Live Like You Mean It (Image Comics, 2012; #6-11)

Revival 2.jpeg
  • With the stress of their quarantine and national press mounting, tensions in Wausau begin to bubble over.
  • The appearance of glowing specters and tractor-trailers full of human body parts don’t exactly help matters either.
  • In fact, the revivers themselves are probably the least terrifying thing in town—especially once the religious fanatics and right-wing, secessionist types show up.
  • Seeley takes the gas off of plot in this arc to focus on characters, their relationships with one another, and their personal histories, as well as to broaden the scope of the external reaction to Revival Day.
  • Norton and Englert’s shadowy, representational arc continues to ground the story in realism, letting shocking or fantastical moments punctuate the book’s human drama.

Revival is a fun, creepy read with a clearly developed, intricate story that’s a blast to watch unfold.

Collected in

  • Revival, Vol. 2: Live Like You Mean It (#6-11)
  • Revival Deluxe Edition, Vol. 1 (#1-11)


Writer: Tim Seeley | Artist: Mike Norton | Colorist: Mark Englert | Letterer: Crank! | Editor: 4 Star Studios | Designer: Sean Dove

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