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Birthright: Family History (Image Comics, 2014; #16-20)

  • With Mikey’s heretofore unknown connection to Terrenos now known, Samael has to figure out what to do about the Nevermind.
  • And what to do about his old mage buddy who wants him to turn over Mikey so the mages can put an end to Lore’s threat to Earth.
  • Meanwhile, Brennan discovers he might have a role in everything that’s going on beyond sidekick.
  • Williamson packs a few hours of in-story time with a lot of revelation—without feeling too exposition-heavy.  
  • Bressan and Lucas’s art is as lush and inventive as ever—somehow, this book is always even better looking than I remember.

Birthright is a one-of-a-kind, memorable take on fantasy action stories and their Chosen Ones.  Each volume is beautiful and riveting.  It’s absolutely worth checking out if you haven’t.

Collected in

  • Birthright, Vol. 4: Family History (#16-20)


Writer: Joshua Williamson | Artist: Andrei Bressan | Colorist: Adriano Lucas | Letterer: Pat Brosseau | Assistant Editor: Arielle Basich | Editor: Sean Mackiewicz

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