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She-Hulk: Time Trials (Marvel Comics, 2005; #1-5)

She-Hulk Slott 3.jpeg
  • Dan Slott picks up the threads of his twelve-issue run on She-Hulk with some time-travel hijinks.
  • With Jen defending a man who claims to have killed his own time-traveling, would-be murderer in self-defense, she has to select a jury from time-displaced candidates who are free from media coverage of the case.
  • That actually wouldn’t be a big deal if Clint Barton (who is dead when this comic takes place) weren’t one of the jurors.
  • And when she tries to warn of his impending demise, she finds herself on trial for time crimes.
  • Not only does Slott bring his usual cleverness and sense of humor to She-Hulk, but all of this time-travel actually feels straight-forward when he explains it.
  • Juan Bobillo, Marcelo Sosa, and Dave Kemp continue on art from the previous run, too; their pages continue to be charming and funny, with a strong sense of expression.

Slott and company’s She-Hulk continues to be one of my favorite runs on the character.  It’s inventive and humorous, and it holds up well more than a decade later.

Collected in

  • She-Hulk, Vol. 3: Time Trials (#1-5)
  • She-Hulk by Dan Slott, The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 (She-Hulk 2004 #1-12, She-Hulk 2005 #1-5)


Writer: Dan Slott | Penciller: Juan Bobillo (1-3, 5), Scott Kolins (4) | Issue #3 Guest Artists: Paul Pelletier & Rick Magyar, Scott Kolins, Mike Vosburg, Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti, Ron Frenz & Joe Sinnot & Sal Buscema, Mike Mayhew, Don Simpson, Lee Weeks, Eric Powell, Tom Grummett & Gary Erskien | Inker: Marcelo Sosa (1-3, 5) | Colorist: Avalon’s Dave Kemp (1-3, 5), Wil Quintana (4) | Letterer: Dave Sharpe | Assistant Editors: Andy Schmidt, Molly Lazer, Aubrey Sitterson | Editor: Tom Brevoort

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