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Booster Gold: Day of Death (DC Comics, 2007; #20-25)

Booster Gold 4.jpeg
  • In the wake of Batman’s death, Booster has to swipe evidence of his attempts to save Batgirl from the Batcave.
  • Of course, nothing is ever simple for time-travellers, and he finds himself trying to save the Nightwing and the rest of the Teen Titans from Ravager, Deathstroke, and Black Beetle in the past.
  • And then he finds himself in a future presided over by Trigon, because, again, nothing’s ever simple.
  • Jurgens and Giffen move us closer to answers about who the Black Beetle is and what he wants in a fun arc that fans of Teen Titans should enjoy.
  • Jurgens, Oliffe, Rapmund, Ramos, and Hi-Fi’s art is fun and action-driven that capitalizes on seeing classic, period versions of the Teen Titans in action.

Collected in

  • Booster Gold, Vol. 4: Day of Death (#20-25, The Brave and the Bold #23


Writers: Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen | Pencillers: Dan Jurgens, Pat Olliffe | Inkers: Norm Rapmund, Rodney Ramos | Colorist: Hi-Fi | Letterers: Travis Lanham, Sal Cipriano

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