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Roche Limit: Monadic (Image Comics, 2014; #1-4)

Roche Limit Monadic.jpeg
  • Characters from the first two arcs of Roche Limit find themselves fighting to put an end to the madness that they’ve been dealing with.
  • That means not only finding a way to shut down the anomaly and dispatch the aliens who have come through it, but also recognizing and rejecting a captivity built of realized desires.
  • Moreci brings together his various plot threads and existentialist themes to answer the questions necessary to earn his story’s conclusion.
  • Charles and Battaglia’s art is frantic and fantastical, and a great fit for the book; there are a few pages early on that are colored very darkly and might take an extra moment to parse, but overall the book looks great.

Roche Limit is a dense read that can be difficult to follow at times; taken as a whole, however, it is a rewarding read.  I imagine that it helps to revist the series after having finished it—I know that re-reading the first arc went a long way toward making sense of it, and I can only imagine that that holds true for the series as a whole.  Even once you’re all the way through, you won’t have answers to every question you could ask while reading the book, but you’ll know what you need to to be satisfied by it.

Collected in

  • Roche Limit, Vol. 3: Monadic (#1-4)


Writer: Michael Moreci | Artist: Kyle Charles | Colorist: Matt Battaglia | Letterer: Ryan Ferrier | Designer: Tim Daniel

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