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Episode 50: Accidentally on Porpoise

Death of a Hawkman; Booster Gold’s Puppet Theater; The Land of Bobbitt; The Weirdest Pokemon; Superhero Escape Room; I Saw Jughead Jones Walking with the Queen; In Which Alex Learns MODOK’s Name Is George; Everybody’s Like Crystal, Medusa, Black Bolt on Your Timepiece; I Guess It Was the 4th of July; IISG: We Actually Focus for Once; A Midsummer Night’s Pull List; LBCBR: Hobutt

(Adam Strange / Future Quest One-Shot - 6:29, Booster Gold / The Flintstones One-Shot - 13:51, Green Lantern / Space Ghost One-Shot - 20:10, Suicide Squad / Banana Splits One-Shot - 30:34, Titans Annual #1 - 38:05, Jughead: The Hunger One-Shot - 48:33, Infamous Iron Man #6 - 1:02:23, Inhumans Prime One-Shot - 1:06:42, X-Men Prime One-Shot - 1:11:21, Doc Savage #1 - 1:14:33, Is It Still Good? - 1:16:48, June 2017 Solicitations - 1:23:39; LBCBR: Power and Glory #1A)

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The Spontaneous Elk Reunion (The Fish Who Saved The Planet) / CC BY 4.0

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