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Glitterbomb: Red Carpet (Image, 2016; #1-4)

An actress named Farrah has been chewed up and spit out by Hollywood.  As she continues to try to find work, the ageism, phoniness, and abuse of those who have the power in the film industry wear her down, she’s ready to walk into the ocean and be done with it all.  But once she comes to, she plays host to an eldritch monster that has no compunctions about killing those who help the system eat people like her up in the name of fame.

It should not be a surprise from the book’s setup that Zub focuses on the ways that Hollywood treats people—especially women—in pursuit of fame.  But it also raises questions about the importance of fame and being remembered; it asks whether stardom today even means being remembered tomorrow.  And it does all of this succeeding in balancing horror elements with an often dark sense of humor.

Mirossette-Phan and Russell’s art hinges on clear, stylish simplicity.  The line-work can bend into sketchy, violent, or gruesome as necessary.  The art plays with color temperature to subtle-but-clear effect: cold tones indicate death, while Hollywood’s glitz and fame are warmer, and when the creature inside Farrah strikes, the world goes blood-red.  Neither artist ever feels too on-the-nose with their work, but these touches are consistent through the book, and I appreciate them.

Glitterbomb is unique as a horror comic:  it’s anywhere from wry to outright funny, and it’s easy to root for the monster.  If you’re looking for something with an eldritch flavor that has some meat but uses humor to its advantage, then check it out.

Collected in


  • Glitterbomb, Vol. 1: Red Carpet (#1-4)


Writer: Jim Zub | Artist: Djibril Morissette-Phan | Colorist: K. Michael Russell | Flatter: Ludwig Olimba | Letterer: Marshall Dillon | Backmatter: Holly Raychelle Hughes | Proofing; Olivia Ngai, Stacy King, Melissa Gifford | Designer: Jim Zub

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