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Coffin Hill: Haunted Houses (Vertigo, 2013; #15-20)

Coffin Hill 3.jpeg
  • Eve decides it is time to take the fight to the Coffin Witch, even if it kills her in the process.
  • This means getting to the bottom of her family’s mysteries—which means getting her mother to talk.
  • Meanwhile, a young boy kills his family in a grizzly murder just like two other cases decades earlier—which the murderers claimed that imaginary friends and the Coffin Witch was behind.
  • This series is at its strongest when it is about Eve struggling to accept family history and baggage—and who she is as a person; and this volume returns to those themes with a vengeance.
  • I love the visual style in this book; Miranda, Parks, and De La Cruz’s art is rich and warm and creepy all at once.


“Haunted Houses” is a strong finale for Coffin Hill.  I’ve enjoyed the series from start to finish and recommend it if you’re a fan of bloody, witchy horror.

Collected in

  • Coffin Hill, Vol. 3: Haunted Houses (#15-20)


Writer: Caitlin Kittredge | Artist: Inaki Miranda | Inker: Ande Parks (19, 20) | Colorist: Eva De La Cruz | Letterer: Travis Lanham | Covers: Dave Johnson

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