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Justice League International: Volume Two (DC Comics, 1987; #8-13, Annual #1, Suicide Squad #13)

  • Now that they’re backed by the UN, the JLI moves into their embassies around the world; this goes as smoothly as you might expect.
  • Then the Manhunters* attack to stop a plan by the Guardians of the Universe to make more Guardians of the universe—this ties into a larger event, but this trade does an amazing thing by including recap pages between issues to fill in the story gaps.
  • G’nort!
  • Then a sentient computer and Max Lord cause problems for the JLI and each other, as Max Lord and sentient computers are wont to do.
  • And the JLI attempts to stop the Suicide Squad from exfiltrating one of their members from a Russian prison before teaming up with the Suicide Squad to exfiltrate one of their members form a Russian prison.
  • The JLI team really does get around, huh?
  • This volume leans more heavily into humor than the first arc did; that’s to its credit.
  • Maguire and friends’s art looks great and ages very well for thirty-year-old pages.

Justice League International continues to be a lot of fun.  If you’re like me and grew up on media based on comics but haven’t read JLI, you’ll see where a lot of elements that you’re used to got their start.

* Did you know they always get their man?

Collected in

  • Justice League International, Vol. 2 (#8-13, Annual #1, Suicide Squad #13)


Writers: Keith Giffen, J.M. Dematteis (JLI), John Ostrander (SS) | Pencillers: Kevin Maguire (JLI 8-12), Keith Giffen (JLI 8-10 Backups, 13), Bill Willingham (JLI Annual 1), Luke McDonnel (SS) | Inkers: Al Gordon (JLI 8-13), Dennis Janke (JLI Annual 1), P. Craig Russell (JLI Annual 1), Bill Wray (JLI Annual 1), Robert Campanella (JLI Annual 1), Bruce Patterson (JLI Annual 1), Bob Lewis (SS) | Colorists: Gene D’Angelo (JLI), Cal Gafford (SS) | Letterers: Bob Lappan (JLI), John Workman (JLI), Todd Klein (SS)

Severed (Image Comics, 2011; #1-7)

Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!: Careless Whisker(s) (Marvel Comics, 2015; #13-17)