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Casanova: Gula (Image, 2011; #1-4)

Casanova 2.jpg
  • After Casanova Quinn disappears, a time-traveller shows up demanding to know when he is.
  • Apparently, if Cass can’t be found, all of reality will die.
  • But with one Quinn missing, another shows up—his sister Zephyr, who is less dead than everyone thought.
  • And she’s trying to make their father MORE dead.
  • “Gula” continues with the madcap, spy-fi shenanigans of Casanova’s first; it’s more linear than “Luxuria” was, which helps keep its narrative—with a larger cast of characters—snappy and clear.
  • Moon and Peter’s art plays up the books pulpier, more grotesque tendencies.

I continue to enjoy Casanova.  If you’re into books like Umbrella Academy or DC’s Young Animal imprint, you should check it out.  Just start at the beginning.

Collected in

  • Casanova, Vol. 2: Gula (#1-4)


Writer: Matt Fraction | Artist: Fábio Moon | Colorist: Cris Peter | Letters: Dustin Harbin

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