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Hinterkind: Written in Blood (Vertigo, 2014; #7-12)

Hinterkind 2.jpeg
  • After the events of the first arc, the human party is split and paired off with various Hinterkind.
  • As they try to reunite, they have to face trust issues with their new traveling companions…and militarized vampires.
  • This volume takes on a Game of Thrones vibe as the Sidhe rulers up the political intrigue.
  • While that’s fun, the most interesting part of this arc is how the uncomfortable traveling companions try to find some middle ground so they can survive—sometimes the needle only moves a little, but when it does it’s fascinating.
  • Trifogli and Peter’s art looks great; as is often the case in books like Hinterkind, the pages that shine the most are the weirdest ones.

“Written in Bloodis a fun, interesting second act in Hinterkind’s story.  It’s worth checking out if you are into fantasy adventure. 

Collected in

  • Hinterkind, Vol. 2: Written in Blood (#7-12)


Writer: Ian Edginton | Artist: Francesco Trifogli | Colorist: Cris Peter | Letterer: Dezi Sienty | Covers: Greg Tocchini (7-10), Marguerite Sauvage (11-12)

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