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Green Arrow: Emerald Outlaw (DC Comics, 2016; #12-17)

  • With the Green Arrow wanted in connection to the last arc's events, Ollie, Dinah, and company  are on the lam.
  • That means they're hiding out in the woods, like Robin Hood--which is a thematic choice I love. 
  • To keep Ollie's life appropriately complicated, a rogue band of former cops show up in Seattle to dispense their own brand of justice against those it sees to be irredeemable elements of society. 
  • And there's a Dark Archer running around, framing the Emerald Archer for attacks on Green Arrow's critics. 
  • Schmidt and Ferreyra's art remains stellar: Carlini, Rodriguez, Vazquez, and Hi-Fi sub in for an issue and fit the book's style to a T. 
  • I continue to dig Green Arrow. It'll feel familiar if you come to it from the TV show, but Percy's version is leaner. And lighter in tone. 

Writer: Benjamin Percy | Artists: Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreyra, Elelanora Carlini, Carlos Rodriguez, Gus Vazquez | Colorists: Otto Schmidt, Juan Ferreyra, Hi-Fi | Letterer: Nate Piekos of Blambot 

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