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Birthright: Allies and Enemies (Marvel Comics, 2014; #11-15)

It’s time to check back on on Mikey and Brennan and the most misguided family road trip of all time.

  • The brothers make their way to Chicago to track down the next wizard on Mikey’s list.
  • But Brennan trusts Mikey’s story less and less.  
  • Their parents, the FBI, and agents from Terrenos are all on their trail, too.
  • This arc gets back into Mikey’s time in Terrenos and his refusal to stand by without investigating a young girl’s kidnapping.
  • The more Williamson reveals, the less absolute anyone’s morality seems.
  • This trade may have the most magical elements so far, and Bressan and Lucas’s pages look great—especially when the weird stuff happens.

I continue to enjoy Birthright’s take on action adventure stories, so check it out if you haven’t yet.

Collected in

  • Birthright, Vol. 3: Allies and Enemies (#11-15)


Writer: Joshua Williamson | Artist: Andrei Bressan | Colorist: Adriano Lucas | Letterer: Pat Brosseau | Assistant Editor: Arielle Basich | Editor: Sean Mackiewicz

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