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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur: Cosmic Cooties (Marvel Comics, 2015; #7-12)

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur remains one of the most under-the-radar comics coming out of Marvel.

  • After its debut arc dealt with nobody understanding Lunella, “Cosmic Cooties” puts her in a new position:  having to rediscover who she is.
  • It also introduces Mel-Varr, a young, misunderstood Kree boy who comes to Earth to capture an Inhuman and prove his worth.
  • Mel-Varr serves as foil for Lunella; but where she looks inside to find self-worth, he tries to find his value in others.
  • Ennui still colors the book’s tone, but its second arc feels more hopeful in places.
  • Failla, Bustos, and Bonvillain’s art remains bright, lively, and imaginative—the world is colorful and exciting, as a child would see it.

If you’re not reading Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (and you’re probably not, statistically), then it’s worth looking into.  It’s also a great option as an all-ages book that doesn’t condescend.

Collected in

  • Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 2: Cosmic Cooties (#7-12)


Writers: Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder | Artists: Marco Failla (7), Natacha Bustos (8-12) | Colorist: Tamra Bonvillain | Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham | Assistant Editor: Chris Robinson | Editors: Mark Paniccia,  Emily Shaw | Covers: Amy Reeder

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