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Booster Gold: Blue and Gold (Marvel Comics, 2007; #0, 7-10, 1000000)

Time for more Booster Gold time-traveling shenanigans!

  • By shenanigans, I actually mean tearing apart time and reality.
  • Turns out, trying to save Ted Kord’s life might have had some unintended consequences.
  • Booster and friends have to set things right and deal with the time-traveling villains who have been hunting him since the last arc.
  • That also means getting the old Justice League International band back together.
  • Jurgens, Rapmund, and Hi-Fi’s art looks great.

If you like Booster Gold, you have no reason not to read this.  Despite the occasional heavy spurt of dialogue and dealing with a lot of 52 continuity, it’s an approachable, fun arc.

Collected in

  • Booster Gold, Vol. 2: Blue and Gold (#0, 7-10, 1000000)


Writers: Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz | Penciller: Dan Jurgens | Inker: Norm Rapmund | Colorist: Hi-Fi | Letterers: Nick J. Napolitano, Randy Gentile

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