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They’re Not Like Us: Us Against You (Image Comics, 2014; #6-10)

It’s time to check back in with the angsty, double-crossing, dysfunctional answer to the X-Men.

  • After the end of the first arc, Syd and company have to process and come to terms with the ways The Voice manipulated them and wormed his way into their heads.
  • As they try to move forward, they must decide how large or small they want their world to be.
  • But, the world might not let them make that decision; it might already be bigger than they knew.
  • New characters with questionable motives start moving in on the kids, and there's no clear indication whom they should trust.
  • Simon Gane’s punky, worn down art continues to serve the book well; but Jordie Bellaire’s colors steal the show.

If you read and enjoyed the first arc of They’re Not Like Us, you should definitely keep going with it.  If you haven’t read it, go back and start at the beginning; this is not the place to jump onto the book.

Collected in

  • They’re Not Like Us, Vol. 2: Us Against You (#6-10)


Writer: Eric Stephenson | Artist: Simon Gane | Colorist: Jordie Bellaire | Letterer/Designer: Fonografiks

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