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Runaways: “True Believers” (Marvel Comics, 2005; #1-6)

Last month, I finished reading Runaways.  So it’s time to start reading Runaways.

  • Runaways doesn’t just have a new #1, it also has a new status quo.
  • After a power vacuum emerges in LA, the team takes it on themselves to step up and fight crime since there aren’t many West Coast superheroes.
  • As they grapple with a dire warning from the future, the Runaways must face the question of whether the apple can fall far enough from the supervillain tree—or if having evil parents guarantees evil in their futures.
  • Oh, and a motley crew of former teenage heroes is trying to shut down the Runaways for their own good.
  • Vaughan’s writing is every bit as good as its first iteration.  If you liked that, you’ll like this.
  • Alphona, Yeung, and Strain’s art is excellent, as usual.

Did you read the first volume of Runaways?  Did you like it?  Then read the second volume.  It’s that simple.

Collected in

  • Runaways, Vol. 4: True Believers (#1-6)
  • Runaways: The Complete Collection, Vol. 2 (#1-18, FCBD 2006 X-Men / Runaways #1)


Writer: Brian K. Vaughan | Penciller: Adrian Alphona | Inker: Craig Yeung | Colorist: Christina Strain | Letterer: VC’s Randy Gentile | Covers: Jo Chen | Assistant Editor: Nathan Cosby | Editors: Mackenzie Cadenhead, C.B. Cebulski, Nick Lowe

The Black Monday Murders: Volume 1 (Image Comics, 2016; #1-4)

The Woods: “The Swarm” (BOOM! Studios, 2015; #5-8)