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Insexts: The Necropolis (Aftershock Comics, 2015; #8-13)

  • Lady Betram, Mariah, and their son have moved to Paris for a fresh start.
  • But evil artists are kidnapping their new nanny’s friends, and there’s an ancient goddess out for vengeance against those who have wronged her.
  • None of this will stand, so everyone’s favorite avenging insect-ladies strike back.
  • Marguerite Bennett balances fun, engaging storytelling with a clear message that women do not exist as avatars to receive men’s fantasies and narratives.
  • Ariela Kristantina and Jessica Kholinne’s art is fantastic, shifting between and blending softness, monstrousness, horror, passion, tenderness, rage, and more from moment to moment.

Insexts is a comic unlike anything else out there.  It takes an omnipresent-yet-timely topic—the horrors visited upon women—and wraps them in gothic body-horror.  It’s smart, passionate, and beautiful; I strongly recommend it. 

Collected in

  • Insexts, Vol. 2: The Necropolis (#8-13)


Writer: Marguerite Bennett | Artist: Ariela Kristantina | Colorist: Jessica Kholinne | Letterer: A Larger World’s Troy Peteri | Covers: Ariela Kristantina & Jessica Kholinne, Elizabeth Torque | Book & Logo Designer: John J. Hill | Editor: Mike Marts

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