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Moon Knight: God & Country (Marvel Comics, 2006; #14-20)

Moon Knight 3.jpeg
  • fter getting his Superhero Registration approved, Marc Spector does what any good, properly licensed hero would.
  • He yells at and demeans all of his friends while inexplicably and needlessly disfiguring criminals.
  • What started out as a dark story about a hero trying to claw his way back up from his lowest point has turned into meandering, repetitive self-sabotage with no real sense of consequence.
  • There’s one source of hope for me going forward, though: issue #20, which Mike Benson wrote on his own, seems to move away from Marc imploding.

Unless you’re a big fan of Moon Knight who wants to fill gaps in what you’ve read (like I am), then you can skip this one.  There’s just not much going on here to make me want to recommend it.

Collected in

  • Moon Knight, Vol. 3: God & Country (#14-20)


Writers: Mike Benson, Charlie Huston (14-19) | Artists: Mark Texeria & Javier Saltares (14-19), Mike Deodato Jr (20) | Colorists: Dan Brown (14-19), Rain Baedo (20) | Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna | Covers: Arthur Suydam (14-19), Mike Deodato Jr (20) | Assistant Editor: Daniel Ketcham | Editor: Axel Alonso

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