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Y: The Last Man: Paper Dolls (Vertigo, 2002; #37-42)

Y The Last Man 7.jpg
  • Yorick finally makes it to Australia, but he only has twenty-four hours to try to find Beth and deal with a tabloid reporter who gets him on camera.
  • Vaughan also checks in with Hero, who is running errands for her brother.
  • And we get flashbacks to fill in 355’s and Ampersand’s histories.
  • As the story moves into its last third, Vaughan begins to tease answers to questions—but the full picture is still far from clear.
  • Goran Sudžuka joins Pia Guerra; José Marzán, Jr.; and Zylonol for the Hero, 355, and Ampersand issues—I always enjoy his work, and he is at home as part of Y: The Last Man’s stellar art team.

Collected in

  • Y: The Last Man, Vol. 7: Paper Dolls (#37-42)
  • Y: The Last Man, Book Four (#37-48)
  • Absolute Y: The Last Man, Volume Two (#21-40)
  • Absolute Y: The Last Man, Volume Three (#41-60)


Writer: Brian K. Vaughan | Pencillers: Pia Guerra, Goran Sudžuka | Inker: José Marzán, Jr. | Colorist: Zylonol | Letterer: Clem Robins | Covers: Massimo Carnevale

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