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Daredevil: Dark Art (Marvel Comics, 2015; #10-14)

Daredevil 3.jpeg
  • When Blindspot receives a note leading him to a mural painted with hundreds’ of people’s blood, he and Daredevil go on the hunt for the deranged artist behind the display.
  • Meanwhile, Matt’s life as a superhero continues to get in the way of his duties as an assistant district attorney.
  • It’s rare that a writer will introduce a protege for a hero and that the new character will steal the scene as thoroughly as Blindspot does here, but that’s what Soule has done.
  • Ron Garney rejoins Matt Milla on art duties for this volume, and the two give it a darkly stylish, noir vibe with strong action sequences.

This volume of Daredevil might as well be called Blindspot sometimes, but that’s part of its strength.  Seeing Matt’s struggles as a hero reflected in a new character with the same kinds of drive but without the baggage not only makes Blindspot a cool, likable character; but it shows Daredevil in a rare light: as an inspiration.

Collected in

  • Daredevil, Vol. 3: Dark Art (#10-14)


Writer: Charles Soule | Artist: Ron Garney | Colorist: Matt Milla | Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles | Assistant Editor: Chris Robinson | Editor: Mark Paniccia

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