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Batgirl: Mindfields (DC Comics, 2011; #46-52)

Batgirl 3.jpeg
  • The events of the previous two volumes of Batgirl coalesce as Barbara tries to start her own energy company and deals with the fallout of someone messing with her memories.
  • Several new supporting characters—including Spoiler and Harper Row, who are two of my favorites—join the series’s ensemble to give Babs a sort of ad hoc Birds of Prey to lead.
  • The complexities that come from having built this plot on the series to date and adding in new characters could have made the arc unwieldy, but Stewart and Fletcher succeed in balancing it all.
  • Babs Tarr and Serge LaPointe—with a small army of guest artists and colorists for the arc’s more stylized moments—give Batgirl a stylish look that stands visually out from the rest of DC’s New 52 offerings.

Stewart, Fletcher, and Tarr’s run on Batgirl has been a lot of fun, and I when I hit the end of this trade, I was disappointed only bu the fact that I have read it all now.

Collected in

  • Batgirl, Vol. 3: Mindfields (#46-52, Endgame #1)


Writers: Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher | Artists: Babs Tarr, Bengal, Eleonora Carlini, Moritat, Horacio Domingues, Roger Robinson, Ming Doyle, James Harvey, John Timms, Minkyu Jung, Rob Haynes, Cameron Stewart | Colorists: Serge LaPointe, Bengal, Lee Loughridge, James Harvey | Letterers: Steve Wands, Jared K. Fletcher

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