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Secret Six: Depths (DC Comics, 2008; #8-14)

Secret Six Depths.jpg
  • t’s double-date night for Scandal, her new lady-friend, Jeanette, and Deadshot as they go out for dinner, drinks, dancing, and beating up Nazis.
  • And Catman*, Bane, and Ragdoll go bust some heads and save some kids in Gotham in the wake of Batman’s death**.
  • Then everyone ends up working security for a prison that turns out to be a slave labor camp holding a bunch of Amazons hostage, with its own pet devil.
  • Simone has the relationships between these characters down pat at this point; I’m completely invested in their bizarre, complicated dynamics.
  • It should come as no surprise that Nicola Scott slays on art; she and the rest of the art team make Secret Six look fantastic.

Secret Six just gets better and better.  It’s one of my favorite pre-Flashpoint DC titles at this point.

* Did you know Catman rhymes with Batman?

** That time Darkseid sent Bats on an adventure in time and space, specifically.

Collected in

  • Secret Six: Depths (#8-14)
  • Secret Six, Vol. 2: Money for Murder (#1-14)


Writer: Gail Simone | Pencillers: Carlos Rodriguez (8, 13-14), Nicola Scott (9-14) | Inkers: Bit (8), Doug Hazlewood (9-14) with Mike Sellers (10), Mark McKenna (11-12, 14), Rodney Ramos (13, and Carlos Rodriguez (13-14) | Colorist: Jason Wright | Letterers: Sal Cipriano (8, 10), Travis Lanham (9, 11, 13), Steve Wands (12), Pat Brosseau (14)

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