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The Flash: #66-68, Annual #5 (DC Comics, 1987)

  • Wally and Linda take a cruise, which leads to the Scarlet Speedster taking on a mind-controlled Aquaman.
  • Then, Flash fights a reborn Abra Kadabra, travels to the 64th Century, and leads a revolution.
  • After that, the Golden Glider and the Rogues go after a black diamond in the Central City Museum, setting up an Eclipso crossover that continues in other books that weren’t included here.
  • Waid’s take on Wally West continues to be a fun, brisk read.
  • There are three different art teams here; each does good work, but the regular colorist/inker duo of LaRocque and Marzán stand out from the others.

I can understand why these few issues hadn’t been collected outside of the complete Mark Waid Flash collection; they’re odds and ends, but if you’re a big fan of the Flash and looking for something a bit oder to read, they’re entertaining.


Collected in

  • The Flash by Mark Waid, Book One (#62-68, Annual #4-5, Special #1)


Writer: Mark Waid with Craig Boldman (Annual 5) | Pencillers: Michael Collins (66), Greg LaRocque (67-68), Travis Charest (Annual 5) | Inkers: Roy Richardson (66), José Marzán, Jr. (67-68), Dan Davis with Scott Hanna and John Lowe (Annual 5) | Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth | Letterers: Ken Holewczynski (66), Tim Harkins (67-68, Annual 5) | Editor: Brian Augustyn

Sunstone: Volume One (Image Comics / Top Cow Productions, 2012; OGN)

New X-Men: Imperial (Marvel Comics, 2001; #122-126)