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Episode 12: It's Always Sunny in Panelology

How Steve Got His Hail Hydra; Getting the Drop (Bear) on Gwen Stacy; T’Challa’s Poetry Corner; Who Lives, Who Spies, Who Tells Your Story?; Cindy Moon: Back in the Swing of Things; Magical Girls 101; Just Read 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank Already, Okay?; Really, Really Big Man Returns; LBCBR: Something Wicker This Way Comes

Captain America: Steve Rogers #2: 8:49
Spider-Gwen Annual #1: 18:37
Black Panther #3: 27:58
Grayson Annual #3: 36:06
Silk #9: 39:46
Jade Street Protection Services #1: 45:05
4 Kids Walk Into a Bank: 1:01:12
September Solicitations: 1:07:18
LBCBR: Showcase #99: 1:32:09

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The Spontaneous Elk Reunion (The Fish Who Saved The Planet) / CC BY 4.0

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