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Episode 9: Podcast Good

Crossing Over with Wade Wilson, Have We Mentioned that We Enjoy The Vision?, Alex’s Horrifying and Shameful Confession, A Group of Post-Apocalyptic Race Car Drivers Walks into a Bar..., A Brief Treatise on the Maritime Communication Patterns of Atlantean Monarchs, Wonder Twins Rebirth, 2 Flash 2 Furious, Luthor Don’t Be a Hero, Batwoman Gets Down to Business; LBCBR: Vouching for Mounties.

Deadpool #13: 2:23
The Vision #8: 5:56
The Wicked + The Divine #20: 15:16
Wacky Raceland #1: 21:30
Aquaman Rebirth #1: 28:38
Wonder Woman Rebirth #1: 33:59
Flash Rebirth #1: 49:15
Action Comics #957: 59:00
Detective Comics #934: 1:17:12
LBCBR - Justice League Task Force #1: 1:31:35

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The Spontaneous Elk Reunion (The Fish Who Saved The Planet) / CC BY 4.0

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