Panelology is a weekly podcast about comics. We talk about current books, what we're looking forward to, and how to get into reading comics in the first place.

Episode 5: Adam Ruins Everything

This week we’re joined by our substitute host Adam. Who… ruins everything, apparently. We journey into some of the politics and philosophy of Wakanda, as well as the speed of an unladen Black Panther. Mike confesses he's actually in love with Vision. (Sorry, Wanda.) How do you Batman? Adam and Alex delve into issue 52 of Batman. We talk rules for the official Panelology Drinking Game during a rousing discussion of Gwen Poole’s use of D&D tropes. We talk a bit about the setup for Civil War II and Carol Danvers (and even more on how to properly address her). We also take our first deep dive into a specific story, The Doom that Came to Gotham, with spoilers and all And did you say two book reports??? Yes. Two. #HodgmanForMODOK

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The Spontaneous Elk Reunion (The Fish Who Saved The Planet) / CC BY 4.0

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