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The Woods: Movie Night (Boom Studios, 2015; #13-16)

The Woods 4.jpeg
  • "Movie Night" jumps forward a year, showing what life has been like for the Bay Point kids now that they’ve settled into the woods and begun building their own civilization.
  • And that civilization is completely peaceful and never once threatened by forces internal or external.
  • JUST KIDDING! Internal political unrest and external dangers totally threaten Bay Point!
  • Also, those New Londoners are pretty much the worst, what with their manipulation and secrecy.
  • We still may not know what’s really going on, but Tynion makes clear in this arc that there are greater dangers still to be found in the woods.
  • Dialynas and Gonzales continue to deliver with expressive, alien, and weird pages.

The Woods remains one of my favorite series I’ve read this year.  I’m starting to dread catching up with the story—and its upcoming finale.

Collected in

  • The Woods, Vol. 4: Movie Night (#13-16)


Writer: James Tynion IV | Artist: Michael Dialynas | Colorist: Josan Gonzales | Letterer: Ed Dukeshire | Designer: Scott Newman | Associate Editor: Jasmine Amiri | Editor: Eric Harburn

Thor: The Mighty Avenger: Volume 2 (Marvel Comics, 2010; #5-8)

The Spirit: Book One (DC Comics, 2007; #1-6, Batman/The Spirit #1)