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Jessica Jones: Come Home (Marvel Comics, 2001; #11-15)

  • After a problematic arc that didn’t age well, I’m happy to report that Jessica Jones is back on track.
  • In this volume, Jessica investigates the disappearance of a teenage girl who may have been a mutant from a racist garbage fire of a town.
  • Her rant against bigotry in the pulpit gives me joy.
  • After her case, she goes on a date with Scott Lang.
  • Bendis’s sense of voice makes Jessica Jones work as well as it does.
  • Gaydos and company’s art remains strong and pulpy, with stellar layouts.

I’m relieved that I enjoyed this arc of Jessica Jones as much as I did; I'm looking forward to the next again.

Collected in

  • Jessica Jones: Alias, Vol. 2 (#11-15)


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Michael Gaydos, Mark Bagley & Rodney Ramos (Jewel Sequences), David Mack (Rebecca’s Journal Art) | Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth | Letterers: Richard Starkings, Comicraft’s Wes Abbott & Oscar Gongora | Covers: David Mack | Associate Managing Editor: Kelly Lamy | Managing Editor: Nanci Dakesian | Editor: Stuart Moore

The Spirit: Book One (DC Comics, 2007; #1-6, Batman/The Spirit #1)

Letter 44: Escape Velocity (Oni Press, 2013; #1-6)