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Deadpool: Too Soon? (Marvel Comics, 2016; #1-4)

Deadpool Too Soon.jpg

Deadpool, ever the planner, blackmails several of Marvel’s funniest heroes into meeting him at a spooky mansion for a Christmas card photoshoot.  But Forbush Man’s murder kicks off a mystery:  who is killing Deadpool’s friends?  Is it Deadpool?  Is it his wife?  Is it the terrifying transporter accident that calls Wade and Squirrel Girl its parents? 

Too Soon? exists in a strange place for Deadpool mini-series.  Most of them live well outside of continuity, but this seems to have a place in it.  You don’t need a grasp of what’s going on in the main Deadpool title to read this, though.  Corin’s script is a fun, goofy romp with Wade Wilson and a rotating cast.  There is a cost to existing in continuity, outside of the goings-on of the main Deadpool title, though.  It doesn’t get to draw from the emotional beats of the ongoing, but it can’t be as over-the-top as non-canonical Deadpool books.

Nauck, Brown, Charalampidis, and Troy’s art is a boon to this comic.  It looks fantastic and makes good use of background to set up moments that pay off a few panels later.  Not only would this team be at home on a regular Deadpool title, but I’d love to see them take on Ant-Man.  His action sequences in this story have a strong sense of momentum.

If you’re looking for a Deadpool comic that’s heavy on quips and action, this is the book for you.  It’s not a particularly deep read, but it’s a fun one.  Think of it as the comics equivalent of a popcorn flick.

Collected in

  • Deadpool: Too Soon? (#1-4, material from Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix-Up #1)


Writer: Joshua Corin | Artist: Todd Nauck | Colorists: Jim Charalampidis (1-2), Andy Troy (3-4) | Layouts: Reilly Brown (1-2), Todd Nauck (3-4) | Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino | Production Annie Cheng | Production Manager: Tim Smith 3

Letter 44: Escape Velocity (Oni Press, 2013; #1-6)

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