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Sweet Tooth: In Captivity (Vertigo, 2009; #6-11)

Sweet Tooth 2.jpeg

On the road again!

  • Well, Jepperd’s on the road, at least; Gus is stationary after the first arc’s conclusion.
  • While Jepperd travels, Lemire fills in the bruiser’s background*.
  • On Gus’s end, we get what seems to be a significant revelation, followed by a lot of new questions.
  • Lemire’s script and art work together to paint a bleak, melancholy picture of this world; it’s hard right now to imagine a happy ending a quarter of the way into the story.
  • Villarrubia does an excellent job of feeding the book’s mood with his colorwork; despite maintaining a muted palette, he manages precise control of light and darkness.

Sweet Tooth is one of those books that you need to start from the beginning, but two arcs in, I’m onboard for the whole ride.

* Why yes, it is very Canadian.  How'd you know?

Collected in

  • Sweet Tooth, Vol. 2: In Captivity (#6-11)
  • Sweet Tooth: The Deluxe Edition, Book One (#1-12)


Writer: Jeff Lemire | Artist: Jeff Lemire | Colorist: Jose Villarrubia | Letterer: Pat Brosseau

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