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Booster Gold: Reality Lost (DC Comics, 2007; #11, 12, 15-19)

Booster Gold 3.jpeg
  • With this volume, Chuck Dixon and Dan Jurgens take the reigns from Geoff Johns.
  • It’s a smooth transition that maintains a consistent tone and voice—given that Jurgens created the character, that makes sense.
  • My favorite part of the trade is Dixon’s two-issue story that, like Back to the Future, sees Booster visiting and revisiting the same night to set things right without letting himself notice.
  • Near the end of the arc, Michelle gets the opportunity to step out of her brother’s shadow as a character and have some autonomy, and I really enjoyed that moment as well.
  • Jugens, Rapmund, and Hi-Fi’s art looks great; having Booster Gold’s creator on the book’s pencils is always a perfect fit.

Despite the creative team shift, I’d still recommend going back to the beginning of Johns’s run, since this arc builds on it.

Collected in

  • Booster Gold, Vol. 3: Reality Lost (#11, 12, 15-19)


Writers: Chuck Dixon (11-12), Dan Jurgens (15-19) | Penciller: Dan Jurgens | Inker: Norm Rapmund | Colorist: Hi-Fi | Letterers: Nick J. Napolitano & Sal Cipriano (11-12), Sal Cipriano & Rob Leigh (15-19)

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