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Daredevil: Supersonic (Marvel Comics, 2015; #11-15)

Daredevil Soule 2.jpeg

Matt Murdock is a busy dude.

  • First, he has to deal with an angry Elektra who is out for revenge against Daredevil—and who doesn’t know that Matt Murdock and Daredevil are one in the same anymore.
  • Then, he has to win a poker tournament and pull an Ocean’s Two-style heist with Spider-Man—who…also doesn’t know that Matt Murdock and Daredevil are one in the same anymore.
  • And after that, he and Echo have to stop Ulysses Klaw from enslaving NYC with a his dope beats.
  • The good news is, these issues are all a lot of fun despite dealing with some more serious issues for Matt, like the ethics of messing with the world’s memories.
  • On the other hand, each of the two two-issue arcs with Elektra and Spidey feel like overtures to something larger than complete stories on their own.
  • Regardless, I continue to dig Soule’s take on the Man without Fear.
  • Buffagni, Sudžuka, and Milla’s art is fantastic, but Del Ray and Lopes’s pages in the annual steal the show; Del Ray’s layouts flow from panel to panel and are organic and easy to read.

Daredevil isn’t always my favorite character, but I really dig what Soule and company are doing now.  I look forward to reading more.

Collected in

  • Daredevil: Back in Black, Vol. 2: Supersonic (#6-9, Annual #1)


Writers: Charles Soule, Roger McKenzie (“Fragments”) | Artists: Matteo Buffagni (6-7), Goran Sudžuka (8-9), Vanesa R. Del Rey (Annual 1), Ben Torres (“Fragments”) | Colorists: Matt Milla (6-9), Mat Lopes (Annual 1), Miroslav Mrva (“Fragments”) | Letterer: VC’s Clayton Cowles | Covers: Bill Sienkiewicz (6-7), Giuseppe Camuncoli & Danielle Orlandini (8-9), Vanesa R. Del Ray (Annual 1) | Assistant Editors: Charles Beacham, Chris Robinson | Editors: Sana Amanat, Mark Paniccia

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