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​​​​​​​The Demon: Hell’s Hitman (DC Comics, 1990; #46-49)

The Demon.jpeg

We check in again with Jason Blood to see if his series is still any good.

  • The Demon wrecks shop with zombie Nazi scum.
  • And we check in with Etrigan’s baby’s mum.
  • Some World War II vets pitch in with their haunted tank.
  • McCrea and friends’ linework’s grotesque but dank.

Check it out if you dare.  Just beware its ‘90s flare.

Collected in

  • The Demon, Volume One: Hell’s Hitman (#40, #42-49, Annual #2)

Writer: Garth Ennis | Pencillers: Denis Rodier (46), John McCrea (47-48), Nigel Dobbyn (49) | Inker: Wayne Faucher (46) | Colorist: Stu Chaifetz | Letterer: Todd Klein | Assistant Editor: Peter Tomasi | Editor: Dan Raspler

​​​​​​​Southern Cross: Volume Two (Image Comics, 2015; #7-12)

​​​​​​​Doctor Strange: The Oath (Image, 2006; #1-5)