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​​​​​​​Secret Six: Unhinged (DC Comics, 2008; #1-7)

“Six is optimal, I’ve found.”  —Otto Octavius, on how many members a superteam should have.

  • Everyone’s favorite sextet of dysfunctional DC supervillains is back in this ongoing, with some adjustments to their roster.
  • Following an appearance in Birds of Prey, Bane and a new character named Jeanette join Scandal Savage, Deadshot, Catman, and Ragdoll on their mission to deliver Tarantula and a mysterious card to their unnamed benefactor.
  • I have never been shy about not liking Bane; I might have to rethink that, however, as Gail Simone uses him to hilarious (if creepy!) effect as comic relief.
  • Nicola Scott’s pencils are my favorite of the Secret Six I have read so far.

The more Secret Six I read, the more I enjoy it.  This first arc in the team’s 2008 ongoing is my favorite to so far.  It has an established team dynamic to lean into and fantastic art backing it up.  I suggest starting at Villains United instead of here, but with three arcs of Secret Six under my belt, it’s easy to recommend the title.

Collected in

  • Secret Six: Unhinged (#1-7)
  • Secret Six, Vol. 2: Money for Murder (#1-14)

Writer: Gail Simone | Penciller: Nicola Scott with Javi Pina (6) | Inker: Doug Hazelwood with Rodney Ramos (5, 7) and Javi Pina (6) | Letterer: Steve Wands (1), Travis Lanham (2-3, 5), Sal Cipriano (4, 6), Rob Clark Jr. (7) | Colorist: Jason Wright

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