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Casanova: Luxuria (Image Comics, 2006; #1-7)

Casanova Quinn is a secret agent.  So’s his sister, but their father-slash-boss likes her better.  So when an evil, parallel-earth version of his sister kidnaps him and helps their rival spy agency blackmail him into helping kill their father, he goes with it.  Secret agent hijinks, double-crosses, and giant robots ensue.

Along with The Five Fists of Science, Casanova is one of Matt Fraction’s earliest works.  Think of it as Archer by way of Umbrella Academy.  It has a similar—if less extreme—weirdness as the latter, with the dysfunctional spy antics of the former.  It’s a fun read that starts out as a series of one-shots and comes together by its end

Part of that Umbrella Academy vibe comes from Gabriel Bá’s art.  Which makes sense, given Bá’s involvement with both titles.  The difference is an inky, noir style that comes from Chris Peter’s colors.

I’m a big fan of both of the properties that Casanova reminds me of.  Even if that weren’t the case, Fraction’s talent for character and voice would still make this an enjoyable read.  I’ll be back for more.

Collected in

  • Casanova, Vol. 1: Luxuria


Writer: Matt Fraction | Artist: Gabriel Bá | Colorist: Chris Peter | Letterer: Dustin Harbin

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