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Invincible: Who’s The Boss? (Image Comics, 2003; #48-53)

It’s not a good time to be Mark.

  • He finally catches on to what Cecil has been doing at the Global Defense Agency, and he’s not happy about it.
  • That makes Cecil pretty unhappy, so Cecil makes things difficult for Mark.
  • And Oliver’s powers are not only getting stronger, but his alien upbringing puts him on a path that causes him to clash with Mark.
  • In other words, everything that has defined Mark’s career as a superhero is in question.
  • “Who’s the Boss?” adds a new layer of complexity to the Kirkman’s narrative, and the book is much stronger and more interesting for it.
  • The volume’s art shifts are not too jarring.  Plascencia brings an extra layer of depth to his color work, but these issues look good and are well in line with the book to date.

If you’ve been enjoying Invincible, this arc kicks it into a new gear by making Mark’s world much less black-and-white.  It’s a good time for that to happen, as a couple of volumes of fallout have tested him more as a person than as a hero.  It looks like that changes now.

Collected in

  • Invincible, Vol. 10: Who’s the Boss? (#48-53)
  • Invincible Ultimate Collection, Vol. 5 (#48-59), The Astounding Wolf-Man #11)
  • Invincible Compendium, Vol. 2 (#48-96, The Astounding Wolf-Man #11, Invincible Returns #1)


Writer: Robert Kirkman | Penciller: Ryan Ottley | Inkers: Ryan Ottley (48-51), Cliff Rathburn (52-53) | Colorists: Bill Crabtree (48-50), FCO Plascencia (51-53) | Letterer: Rus Wooton | Covers: Ryan Ottley & FCO Plascencia

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