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Saga (Image Comics, 2012)

Yes, I’m playing the Saga card*.

You probably already know you need to read it if you like comics.

If you have never read a comic before, Saga’s a great way to start.  Just, uh, be ready for some shocking images.

Here’s the short version:  Alana and Marko have a kid, Hazel.  She narrates the story, by the way, starting with her own birth.  The problem is, they’re from warring sides in a big ol’ intergalactic war, and nobody is happy about them fraternizing.  And they’d be furious to know the two of them had a kid together.  So they go on the run, and life happens and things get messy.

I’ve talked about a lot of Brian K. Vaughan on here.  I’ve loved all of it.  This may still be my favorite anyway.  And Fiona Staples’s art is clean, imaginative, and beautiful**.

It will punch you in the gut.  Mercilessly.  And you’ll ask it for more, because you like it.

* I spent my morning baking for a cast party and reading comics to record and ran out of time, okay?  It’s been six months; let me take a bye round.

** Yes, even the disgusting stuff somehow.

Collected in

  • Six-issue trades—There are seven of these at present.
  • Eighteen-issue hardcovers—There are two of these right now.


Writer: Brian K. Vaughan | Artist: Fiona Staples | Letterer/Designer: Fonografiks | Coordinator: Eric Stephenson

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